7 Quick Takes Friday!


A Catholic blogger/mother/woman/etc. that I really look up to, Jen Fulwiler of Conversion Diary, hosts 7 Quick Takes Friday every week at her blog. Check out this week’s here!. This is my first time participating so here we go!

1. For those of you who don’t know, I recently moved to Dallas and turned 21. This presented a major problem called being a legally licensed driver. The first time I went to the DMV (or DPS, as it is called here (why??)) it was three days after my CO license expired, due to my age change. Because of that, I couldn’t surrender my license and just get a new one. I had to take a six-hour, online, adult driver’s education course AND do a road test. Totally lame. Buuuut I am officially legally allowed to drive in the state of Texas! Hooooray.

2. About two weeks ago, my sweet friend Hillary got engaged! You can read about the engagement here and you definitely should because it is a great story!

3. Hillary and I have been talking weddings, pretty much nonstop. I took a wedding planning class last semester so I basically consider myself an expert… It’s been great fun! We have lots of very good ideas. Plus, she is spending the summer in Tulsa, which is only five hours or so from here, so I’ll actually be able to see her!

4. Summer school started and I get the feeling that these classes and I are not going to be friends. Mostly because… I hate school? But I just want to finish so bad that I’m forcing myself to do this, even though it is terrible. So, pray for me.

5. In a desperate attempt to find community/make friends, I have been attending college and young adult events at my new church. So  far… I’m not sure. I’ll write something more in depth at some point. It’s been difficult, we can start with that.

6. (I’m running out of things ah!) Now that I have my license, I can continue Sangria Saturday, which is a tradition I started two weeks ago. It’s basically the best.

7. Anyone know of anywhere to get cute, modest shorts? Texas is HOT and HUMID all of the time and I really hate shorts, but especially teensy weensy ones, so if y’all have suggestions, let me know!

Okay that’s it for me. Check out Conversion Diary!

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1 Response to 7 Quick Takes Friday!

  1. Lisa Rickman says:

    Hi Catherine,
    It’s “Miss Lisa”! I am proud of you and your blog! I know blogging can be hard work! I am also proud that you are making the effort to get involved in your new home! I do have a suggestion about the shorts…try ordering online. You might try Lands End. It might take one or two tries to get the right size, (and you might have to send some back) but once you know it, it will be easy from then on :)

    Keep the faith my sweet friend!

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