7 Quick Takes v.2 with a Side of Shame…



I’m the worst blogger everrrrr. I don’t have a good excuse for my lack of participation on the blogosphere this week. So, apologies to my mother (most consistent reader award) and the other people(?) who read this. I’ll do better, cross my heart.

2. Like I said in quick takes last week (the last time i blogged whoops) I am planning to write about my experiences with finding community at my new church. And because that is a big deal, I haven’t done it yet. I want it to accurately portray what has been happening, while giving credit where credit is due. So. That’s coming.

3. Last night I went two stepping! I love to dance, but I had never been, so it was interesting to say the least. I was also plumb exhausted so when I wasn’t falling asleep in my chair, I was falling over when the boys spun me around. That said, I can’t wait to go again! Hopefully look a smidge less foolish. One can hope.

4. School. School is the worst. I am considering some things, looking into some things. I’m not going to say anything else yet, but be on the lookout. If you care (aka… mom).

5. The new season of Arrested Development… Phenom. Best show ever.

6. Considering adding fashion to the list of things on this blog. Just. So that it helps me to blog more. Thoughts? Share with me.

7. I have a few friends traveling around and out of the continental US today, so join me in asking St. Christopher to watch over them! Also, prayers for my sweet friend Julie who is the throes of job-hunting (her patron saint is St. Christopher, so it works. Two birds with one stone!).

Okay. Jen has much more interesting things to say. See you much sooner than next Friday.

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