7 Quick Takes v. 3 (including Five Favorites)


double link up this week! The ever lovely Jen Fulwiler at  Conversion Diary and my new fave, Hallie Lord, from Moxie Wife.

Since I’m doing both of these this week, my first of the 7QT will be Five Favorites… it’s kind of cheating. But that’s fine. Whoever said cheaters never win didn’t have a blog. So.

1- This book. I’ve been reading/ reflecting on it with my counselor and it is amazing. Each “chapter” is only a page or two (perfect for reading one a day) and there’s something really pertinent in each. Jesus is definitely speaking to me through this. I love it.

2- This precious animal. I want to kidnap her and take her home with me.

3- Iced coffee has been a Godsend recently. It is so dang hot and I need the caffeine so having cold coffee is wonderful. It’s been in the upper 90’s this week… I’m dying. As my mother said on facebook… “Apparently Dallas has 2 seasons…winter and @$#!%&*!! hot summer!”

4- This song. I love it. 

5- This band. They recorded a bunch of traditional church hymns, and they are gorgeous. They have an album of lullabies which are just a perfect thing to listen to before bed!

6- I tweeted about this yesterday buuuut Hallie (from above) and Grace from Camp Patton started following my instagram. I am in awe. They are both blog-famous and I am so undeserving of any attention from them, so I am pretty excited to be receiving any. I feel like I’m really making it.

7- Yesterday, I did my hair kind of cute for work, and I was glad I did because I ended up sleeping until 15 minutes before my shift started and I live 12 minutes away. So. I had slept with it done which made my life super easy at 10:15 am (I know, embarrassing. I really should have gotten up at like 8. Or even 9. But that just did not happen today.)

One more thing. I got dinner with my sweet friend tonight and we discussed the community issues around here, which was great, because getting feedback from people who have been here a long time reassures me that I’m not just jaded. I pinky swear to write about it this week. I really want to. I miss writing stuff that was somewhat reflective and more than just random.

Prayers to you. Love to you.

(Here are this weeks 7 Quick Takes via Conversion Diary and Five Favorites via Moxie Wife.)

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