7 Quick Questionable Decisions…

linking up with Jen

Let me preface by saying that my last take will be the explanation for the first six. Um. Where do I start?

1. My hair.

2. My HAIR.

3. My hair…………..

4. My hair my hair my hair


6. What did I do to my hair??!?

7. To which I say…

apologies for the lack of good lighting/makeup/etc. my hair is what's important here anyway

apologies for the lack of good lighting/makeup/etc. my hair is what’s important here anyway

I’ve been needing to color my hair for a while (highlights only last so long) and I didn’t want to spend the big bucks to go to a salon and have them color.

BIG mistake, y’all. The biggest.

So I went to Target yesterday and on a whim, purchased $3 box hair color. Two lessons (that I’ve learned previously, but was reminded of yet again today):

  1. Never, ever, EVER attempt to color your hair blonde from a box.
  2. Cheaper does NOT equal better. 

I decided that today was as good a day as any to do it, I had some free time and I might be going out with some friends tonight so, I figured, why not do it now? The process was fine, I had great hope that it would work out this time.

Until I rinsed the color out.

My hair was ORANGE.

no difference in color between processed cheese product and my wet hair

no difference in color between processed cheese product and my wet hair

I am so kicking myself. All of the signs warning me to not do this were there and I did it anyway. I need to take the name of my blog more seriously.

I will admit that it looks slightly better dry. But I went from “oh, look at her blonde-ish hair” to “wow, I bet she bought $3 box color from Walmart and let it sit too long” (I don’t think people judging me would give me the benefit of purchasing color from Target).

I haven’t cried yet, which is something. But I’m really wondering how to rectify this situation… So much hate for my hair right now. Sigh.

Go to Conversion Diary to see some quick takes that feature better decision making than my own. I’ll be over here, trying to figure out if there is anyway I can look not terrible all of the time.

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4 Responses to 7 Quick Questionable Decisions…

  1. Amy says:

    I’m sure it looks better than you think it does. And even if it doesn’t it will be ok.

  2. catholictwentysomething says:

    Golden. Not orange :)

  3. hilla143 says:

    My mama did that once, except it was MUCH oranger than that. She wore a hat to work and then got it fixed the next day. Hahaha. She’s had plenty of other successful box color experiences though!

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