Getting to Know You- Temperament LinkUp


The ever-lovely Olivia from To the Heights is hosting a link up of blog posts about temperaments. Which, if you didn’t know, are one of my very favorite things in the whole world. I really struggled with understanding people until I learned about temperaments (which is a characteristic of my temperament, ironically enough) (have I used the word temperament enough yet?) and now it is a lot easier to get to know people and the best way to interact with them.

Funny(ish) side note: Olivia recommended taking the temperament test through Catholic Match, and I couldn’t get it to work until I created a profile and I had to fill out all of the short answers and create a legitimate account… Anyway. I got a message from some guy named Paul from Ft. Worth but I have to subscribe to Catholic Match in order to read it… Annnnd I’m just not comfortable with doing that. Mostly because dating is not even a little bit on my mind and I promise, I’m not actually resorting to dating websites at 21. So Paul from Ft. Worth, on the off chance you see this, I’m sorry. But I won’t be reading your message.

So. I hope every one is equally as excited and not surprised as I am…


I wouldn’t say that I am ashamed. But I feel like this is sort of the worst temperament to have. Then again, I’m sure most people feel that way. Following in Olivia’s footsteps, I’m going to put some excerpts of my results from Catholic Match up in hurrr.

The melancholic-phlegmatic is tidier, more procedural and less flexible than the phlegmatic-melancholic. He may be slower to take on new projects, as the melancholic fear of new situations and tendency to perfectionism takes over. 

The tendency of the melancholic to dwell on things for a long time in their mind, combined with the sensitivity of the phlegmatic toward interpersonal relationships, can result in long-lasting hurts, an erosion of self-confidence and self-esteem, and even depression. Extremely sensitive and possessing a longing for the ideal (melancholic), they are also highly attentive to what others need or desire, through their phlegmatic aspect. This makes them more than usually susceptible to anxiety and a negative self-image. 

Oh man, y’all. You know what they say: If the shoe fits, buy it in every color. And these shoes fit perfectly. I don’t think I could more perfectly describe myself if I tried. I knew all of these things were true, and I always attributed them to being a melancholic but I didn’t realize how much of a role the phlegmatic aspect played as well. Oh, to be a people-pleaser with a low self-esteem. It’s a rough combination most days.

To be honest, my dear friends, I don’t really feel like delving into why this is so fitting, because if you’ve been following along, you already know. If you are new here, below you will find a list of Most Relevant Posts to explain. Contact me if you still have questions.

  • Depression and self-esteem.
  • The struggle in my desire for community because making friends is hard.
  • I’m a sinner and it makes me more depressed sometimes. (haha- I’m such a melancholic, ohemgee.)

Onward and upward.

Visit Miss Olivia and get to know some others!

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4 Responses to Getting to Know You- Temperament LinkUp

  1. Oh my gosh you are so cute! I literally LOLed about the Catholic Match thing. You babe! The men noticed your beauty in a span of 5 seconds- not surprised there.

    I’ve read a lot of temperament descriptions, but I have NEVER read the melancholic-phlegmatic. Wow! Isn’t it funny how spot on they are? I feel like I’m going to constantly be working on my shortcomings that are ever-so-evident in my temperament. Sigh. But like you said, onward and upward!

    Thank you so much for joining in the link up!!! :)

    • When I first learned I was a melancholic-phlegmatic, someone told me that it wasn’t even possible… So I doubted if that was my actual temperament, but honestly, nothing else would work! It is so spot on, and sometimes, it’s hard to see beyond all of my faults (spoken like a true melancholic… haha)

      I love link ups, and I love anything that helps me to understand people. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Lisa Rickman says:

    Oh Catherine, you funny girl!

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