Marian Monday

Helloooo, my favorite followers. I hope you had a pleasant weekend.

[awkward transition…]

So as a Catholic woman, I have a profound love for the Blessed Mother. I just don’t always have a profound relationship with her. Which saddens me, because I know that she loves me, and prays for me, and desires the best for me. I desire to model my heart after hers, to accept the will of God without question or reserve as she did, and to pursue constant virtue as she did. I am a constant failure, and she is the model of feminine perfection and beauty that I want to emulate.

Thus, Marian Monday is born!

Each Monday, I promise will do my best to talk about Mary. Sometimes it will be an appearance by Our Lady, sometimes an experience I’ve shared with her, sometimes it will be doctrine about Mary, sometimes it will just be a Marian prayer that lives in my heart. Regardless, I’m very excited. I want to share my love for Mary, as well as promote my own relationship with her (as some of these will require some research).

Miraculous Heart of Mary

Miraculous Heart of Mary- isn’t she so beautiful? 

The above image is one that I have hanging over my bed, and on Friday, during a prayer exercise, I found myself laying in her lap. She just held me, reminded me of the Father’s love, and prayed for me. It was so wonderful and so peaceful.

Anyway. On Saturday, I’m beginning my re-consecration to Mary. I do the St. Louis de Montfort consecration, but this time, I’m using a book that features teachings of Blessed (very-soon-to-be-Saint!) John Paul II. It will definitely be a challenge, but I’m ready. I need the challenge.

Have the day you were meant to have. Prayers to you all.

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2 Responses to Marian Monday

  1. Alyssa says:

    Marian Monday is my new favorite! I look forward to what you will be posting next!!!

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