Help a SISTER out… Also 7 Long Takes

Hi! Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry for being the. worst. blogger in the history of ever. I know that there are like, five people who read this BUT I appreciate those five and I am sorry for the lagging on my end of this relationship. Life has been c-to-the-razy so I just have noooot had time.

SO. I’m going to use my 7 not-so Quick Takes to talk about the past one two three (!!! ahh sorry sorry!) weeks.


1. In case you are wondering about the first half of today’s blog post title, as I’m SURE you are, my dear dear dear friend Stacey has been accepted to the CFR’s in New York. She will be a sister serving the poor. Stacey realized her vocation years ago and has been searching for the right place, and I’m SO glad that this is where the Lord called her. HOWEVER, part of Stacey’s vocation includes a vow of poverty (also chastity and obedience, but those aren’t important riiiight now) and she has some outstanding debt to raise money for insurance and supplies. If you have a spare dollar, please consider donating it to the sweetest human being in the whole world as she pursues the will of Jesus as His spouse. This is the link to her website where she is accepting financial donations. Of course, if you cannot spare anything financially, please do keep her in your prayers. You’re the best.

2. Work has been the craziest. The last time I wrote quick takes (on the 26th… EEK) I talked about the difficulty baristas face sometimes when people don’t know what on God’s green earth they are doing at a coffee shop. As summer is coming to a close, people are getting k-k-krazy about their coffee (even more than normal) annnd it’s been so busy. Plus I got promoted (ish?) and now I’m a trainer so I’ve been working on training new employees, while also taking on more hours because no one is trained and we’ve lost more employees than we’ve hired. Plus my shifts are like a see-saw and one night I close, the next morning I work before the sun, which is not good for my already insomniatic self. So I am def blaming work for the blogging issues. Take it or leave it.

3. I’m sorry to all of my Not Alone Series friends that I haven’t been participating! I miss you. I also haven’t been reading blogs so I don’t know what everyone has been talking about for the past month. I just want y’all to know how much I love you, and I want to read all of these fab blogs because seriously I just need that fellowship.

4. Prayers to all of my sweet friends going back to school in these next few weeks! No envy for the moving into a dorm/apartment/etc while also prepping for education. The nice thing about starting to put down roots here is that I don’t have to worry about moving any time soooooon. (that’s also really sad but i’m keeping the sad to myself okay don’t press me on this or i will cry)

5. Related to 4… Putting down roots. I’m officially a member of the St. Ann core team for the coming school year (eep!) I’ve spent a lot of time over the past four and a half months trying to resist but I give up. The call of the Lord is stronger than my great attempts at fighting it. I’m like Jonah, and my heart is the whale, and it finally swallowed me and spit me up and told that I’m dumb and just need to get over my hatred/fear/etc and just be okay with doing what God wants. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m excited (don’t tell anyone). I promise.

6. My sister Grace got a cat! We were not sure of the gender for a while because it’s difficult to tell. But the doctor assured us that the cat is a female. However. During our period of unsuredness, we named the cat Marvin. Why Marvin? I’ll tell you.

skip to about 1:30 for the specific reference… but the whole video is hilarious, don’t take my word for it.

So, now the cat’s name is Queen Marvin. She is the best. Pics lata.

7. Last, but not least by any means, because I was actually saving the best for last ;)

I was at HOME two weeks ago! In Colorado! I got to go camping! It was glorious!

I drove (not fun) and had some emotional breakdowns (less fun) BUT overall, it was perfect. The weather was amazing. I got to spend two days with my girls, learning more about them (we took the temperament test and the love languages test!), while also enjoying fresh dry air. It was a much needed reprieve from the insanity that is work these days. I can’t think about how perfect it was without crying so I can’t share any more details. But it was GREAT. The best.

Okay. So. I’m done apologizing. But know that I will do better. On my honor (and I was a girl scout, so I can say that).

Visit Jen at Conversion Diary for this week’s quick takes. They are all better than mine.

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