Ohemgee HI there, readers.

I don’t know how buuuut even though I post never, people keep reading this blog? There’s been one day in past 27 days with zero readers? So I apologize for the fact that the last thing I wrote was so awful… I was having a terrible day with terrible luck. I literally wrote that from my phone as it was dying at the DMV in downtown Dallas, having previously gotten lost and run a red light… So many much bad things of that day. Also, my heart was sad because it meant I was officially official because Black Betty and I were BOTH Texans.

I should point out, though, that there are worse things and Texas is –ahem– growing on me and I am –ahem, ahem– starting to like it here? Not sure how thaaaat happened, but it has.

So, dear friends, I apologize that for nearly a month, any new readers have viewed me as a hateful, awful, terrible human being. Because really, I am, but I try not to be and I try not to let that be my public image. Also, double apologies to my twitter followers and everyone who talked to me while I was at said DMV because I was a baging ritch (swap first letters of both words, and you’ll understand) and I can be pretty ferocious when filled with wrath. Especial sorry to my wonderful daddy who metaphorically held my hand as I was tantruming over how awful life was that day. You da best.

Anyhoooo. Life in Texas. Here’s a not-brief recap of life since Labor Day weekend when I went on that church retreat?

  • The retreat was WONDERFUL. I had a group of wonderful little nuggets. They are freshmen and, despite being a little swayed by some worldly ideals, pretty much get it. They desire to live holy lives. They know that a holy life is worth it- at 14! And all except two actually wanted to be there! I mean, everything about it was great.

    Retreat Nuggets!

    Retreat Nuggets!

  • A little after the retreat, 242 began at St. Ann. The name 242 comes from Acts 2:42 (you’ll have to scroll down a bit): “These remained faithful to the teaching of the apostles, to the brotherhood, to the breaking of bread and to the prayers.” This is how we hope to form disciples. Pretty sweet.
  • Anyway, I have thee. best. group. They are just so sweet. Mostly sophomores with a handful of freshmen. Their hearts are open and they are just thirsting for Jesus. They are open to the challenge of weekly, if not daily, scripture reading! I can’t handle them. In the best possible way.
  • Three weekends ago, I went to visit my sweetest friend, Hillary, in Tulsa for her birthday! Some not great things, like my tire blowing out, happened. But otherwise, it was wonderful to see her. She asked me to be her Maid of Honor and of course I said YES! I’m so excited for what’s to come in planning this wedding between two wonderful friends and all around good people.
    2013-10-04 12-18-06.155
  • Then, two weekends ago, I went to my heart-state to visit my old discipleship group and my lovely friend, Julia, for her 21st slash golden birthday. It was such a great weekend. We went to the Florida Georgia Line, Thompson Square, and Luke Bryan concert and man oh man if I never go to another concert again, I’ll live, because it was perfect. Just, so perfect.
  • Despite how wonderful it was to go home for a weekend, I was actually ready to come back to Texas… I don’t know who I am anymore. Obviously the Lord is doing something because I don’t think anyone thought we would see the day where that was the reality. Yet, here it is.

All in all… I’ve been busy. But I missed you! I’ll do my best to never abandon the blog again but we all know that I lack sincerity when I say that because I think this is the 20th time?

Anyway. Happy Feast Day, all you Franciscans! Prayers to youuu.

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3 Responses to HI HI HI HI

  1. Alyssa (a.k.a. your bff) says:

    Glad you are back! I have missed you and Marian Monday (hint hint)!!!

  2. You linked to me!!!! You sweetheart!!!

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