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Happy Tuesday, y’all.

Joining up for the first time in a shamefully long amount of time with my favorite friends at the Not Alone Series! Go read some people who are cooler than me. This week, the ever-lovely Morgan is hosting and the topic is masculinity.

Oh, boy.

(man, am I clever? I know you missed me)

I know as a child of the 90’s, I often think of masculinity as the song from Mulan described it: cunning, swift, strong, mysterious.

And to be honest, this belief has never really disappeared, though the context has changed. I love that Men are warriors and I do believe that they are called to a certain strength. However, I think the war goes beyond defeating the Huns and bringing honor to China.

Men are called to fight for love.

Feminism has really screwed up a lot of how men are portrayed in society. The advent of the Pill, free love, and a warped view of marriage have affected the way Men perceive strength. So often in media, music, and movies, Men have become weaklings. The I-am-Woman-hear-me-roar mentality that has grown through the past 50 years, and increasingly this decade, make Men feel as though they must bow to the desire of the Woman. Woman is free, Woman is strong, Woman does not need Man to open her door for her or be the breadwinner.

In some ways, this is accurate. A Woman is not less than a Man in any way. However, as Women, we are not called to the same fight that Men are.

When God established Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, He gave each of them a special roll: Adam (aka Men) was to shemar Eve, and Eve (aka Women) was to be submissive. 


To which I say… Yes. Yes I did.

You see, submissio does not mean “let a man trample all over you.” Rather, it means, quite literally, “support the mission.”

And, in this case, the Mission is LOVE.

Shemar means “to guard and to keep.” Man is literally called to protect the heart of the Woman. To guard her from the Devil, to keep her close to himself and to the Lord, to draw her into Love at all times.

He is called to be her Warrior, her Defender, the very image of Christ on the Cross.

True Love, Authentic Love, comes from a Man seeking to reflect Christ to his Woman. To die to himself for the sake of the Woman.

This goes beyond chivalry (though that is one of my favorite parts about it!) to an actual daily death to self for the sake of the Beloved. And that is awesome.  Though fighting the Huns is pretty cool too.

On a less deep and theological level, I love guys that look and act like guys. Grow some scruff on your face! Get some big muscles! Challenge each other to stupid things to prove your Manhood! Open the door for me! Buy my dinner!!! (wait, what? I didn’t say that…)

Next week, the topic is Bachelorette parties, which could not be more perfect as I am currently planning Hillary‘s ! Such fun. 

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13 Responses to Not Alone Series | Masculinity

  1. hilla143 says:

    LOOVE this. :) We talked about this in counseling the other day. It doesn’t weird me out that it calls us to submit, because just like our relationship with Jesus, we want to please him through obedience because we love Him. It’s the same thing! Jesus is our protector and Savior, and the least we could do for Him is love and obey so that he can continue to protect and save us!

  2. caroline abbott says:

    Dear Catherine,

    I also love this post! I have written a blog about submission as well. I am sending you the link if you would like to take a look at it. I based it on a series on Ephesians our pastor did last year. Hope you like it! Glad you are blogging again! Caroline Abbott

  3. proverbialgirlfriend says:

    This is an awesome post! And not just because of the Mulan video. ;)

  4. Please write again. So much in this post to like and you write it well. It inspires me all over again to be a woman who makes a man a better man. A woman who gives a man a reason to fight for me. Thank you too for being unafraid to talk about submissive. “Support the mission” I am not sure if I have ever heard it said in that way but I love it!! Like I said please link up again.

  5. Joan says:

    Catherine, oh my goodness, I loved your post! I honestly laughed out loud at the all caps section, but this ‘support the mission’ idea….genius! :)

  6. Rfog says:

    Catherine, wonderful article, great sense of humor and well written!

  7. Lisa Simmons says:

    Reblogged this on youngfunandcatholic and commented:
    Hilariously refreshing! It is so awesome to find another same thinking young woman!

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