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Helloooo friends!

Linking up with my friends at the Not Alone Series!

This week’s theme is bachelorette parties, and as I’ve mentioned, I am the Maid of Honor for my BFF Hillary‘s impending wedding, and my MOH responsibilities include the planning of the Almighty Bachelorette Party.

Here’s a little background info on this wedding. I am the MOH and I live a state away from the bride and 4/6 other bridesmaids, with the other two living in Colorado. The first interaction I had with the four that Hill met in college was after the engagement already happened and I haven’t even met two of them in person! So that has been a little stressful. Just because… I was kind of worried something like this would happen when we started planning things:

*note: the video you are about to view has some explicit language towards the end and also they are talking about the shower, and not the bachelorette party, but it still applies.


But on the reals, the bachelorette party has become the climax of all wedding-ness. “Last fling before the ring!” and “I’m tying the knot so buy me a shot!” are phrases that imply that the bride needs to engage in one last night of “freedom” before signing her life over. Now, I happen to know that Hillary does NOT feel this way about marriage. She could not be more excited to begin a life with Justin and the sacrifice of the “party lifestyle” for the sake of her Beloved is one that she is absolutely willing to make.

But how do I plan this party, a state away, and without any penis paraphernalia? (sorry for that. Alliteration is just funny to me.)

To start, being in charge of the planning means I get to do what I want. And I don’t want anything phallic so it just won’t be there. Problem solved.

Second, one of the bridesmaids offered to host the party at her house! No need for a hotel or anything and that also means we can control how out-of-control things get. We are planning to go to one of those places where they serve you wine and you paint something- gets everybody out, which the party-hard guests will like, but is low-key enough that hopefully nothing major will happen. Then we will go back to the house and just chill. Hot tub, Just Dance, a baked potato bar… Nothing extreme, but still so much fun! Also, I’m including a lingerie shower as part of the BP. That way, there can be a little bit of the traditional BP vibe without anything excessive.

The nice thing is that I know Hillary, and her bridesmaids know her, and we are all very aware that she is not “that” kind of girl. Something that is mostly at home with her close friends is far more her style than a night out on the town, begging for liquor from strange men.

Also, the party is two days before the wedding so there really isn’t time to recover from a crazy night el-oh-el. Gotta be pretty for the rehearsal dinner the next night.

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1 Response to Not Alone Series | Bachelorette Parties

  1. Beth Anne says:

    I totally feel you on the DISTANCE thing. My sister is getting married at the end of the month and I’m the ONLY one that lives in town. I’m the moh and all the bridesmaids live out of state. It’s been a little more complicated to plan things and figure out what we’re doing. It also doesn’t help that NONE of us have ever been in a wedding and half the bridesmaids have never been to a bridal shower. Because of it we’re having a whirlwind wedding from Wednesday – Saturday (Bachelorette Party, Shower, Rehearsal, and wedding) and yes we are crazy!!

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