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Pomp and Circumstance

Today is an incredibly special day. It’s not that my sister graduated. Because that’s in, like, two weeks. But at our church, the seniors were honored tonight! So they wore their graduation gowns to mass and there was a special … Continue reading

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Not Alone Series | Why Not Both?

Today we are discussing the difficulties that single people (read: unmarried) and married face in friendships with each other. Unmarried people do not know what it is like to be married, and newlyweds are caught up in the romance of … Continue reading

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Not Alone Series | Bachelorette Parties

Helloooo friends! Linking up with my friends at the Not Alone Series! This week’s theme is bachelorette parties, and as I’ve mentioned, I am the Maid of Honor for my BFF Hillary‘s impending wedding, and my MOH responsibilities include the planning … Continue reading

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Not Alone Series | Masculinity

Happy Tuesday, y’all. Joining up for the first time in a shamefully long amount of time with my favorite friends at the Not Alone Series! Go read some people who are cooler than me. This week, the ever-lovely Morgan is hosting and … Continue reading

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Wherefore Art Thou, Blog?!

Why, hello there. It’s been a while, I know, and I’m sure that none of you noticed my absence but I am here to announce my presence (so many much words)! Hooow have you all been?! I missed you. I’ve … Continue reading

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Ohemgee HI there, readers. I don’t know how buuuut even though I post never, people keep reading this blog? There’s been one day in past 27 days with zero readers? So I apologize for the fact that the last thing I … Continue reading

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I don’t know if you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of being at the DMV and being one piece of paper short of everything you need, but it’s the worst. THE WORST. DON’T EVER DO THIS. I am here, in … Continue reading

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