Pomp and Circumstance

My beautiful sister and I

My beautiful sister and I

Today is an incredibly special day. It’s not that my sister graduated. Because that’s in, like, two weeks.

But at our church, the seniors were honored tonight! So they wore their graduation gowns to mass and there was a special dinner for them and it was all very awesome and touching and sad because in the past year, I’ve grown so close to several of these kids. They’ve become an extended family.

Being a part of high school ministry is so bittersweet. It’s beautiful to watch these kids grow in their faith, to come into their own as young adults, to listen to their witness. I feel privileged to walk in their light and to experience this phase of their journey with them. I may have only known them for a year (minus my sister… she’s been stuck with me forever) but they are so special to me! I feel like words are so inadequate.

I know these young men and women have so much to offer the world. It is sad to see them leave St. Ann, but there is a big world out there that needs what they have to offer.  I’m so blessed to have been a small part of that.



These girls are so beautiful, and so full of the light of the Lord. It is impossible to be around them and not feel that love radiating. They have faith that I would not have imagined at their age. I feel like Regina’s mom sometimes but only because I have so much love for them and I want them around all the time. It’s going to be a rough life when they all leave me in the fall. But I know that they are bound to do some wonderful things, and I can’t wait to see them!

I love you all so much. I am so proud and I believe the best of you. As St. JPII reiterated over and over: Be not afraid.

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